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JYD UK Premier

JYD - 1st Ever UK Appearance - Direct From Spain and new to the Uprising main stage is JYD. One of Europe’s leading producers of house, a name not all will recognise but someone whose work everyone will know as soon as they hear it. JYD “Nature” Arguably one of Uprising’s all time classic tunes and a firm favourite among the masses and known to many (but we don’t know why) as the spider tune. Uprising is proud that not only is this JYD’s first time at Uprising, it’s also his first ever UK appearance. JYD is super excited to be playing Uprising and is over the moon that one of his tracks is so popular with the Uprising Crew. He’s pleasantly shocked to learn how popular it is. This may well be JYD’s one and only appearance in the UK so Let’s make sure we give him a massive reception as he joins the Uprising massive. This is a rare, almost once in a lifetime chance to see JYD live in the UK so make sure you don’t miss out

If you hadn’t noticed yet there’s a bit of a drive to keep our scene alive with fresh music and new talent, the key ingredients to having a scene around long enough for us all to celebrate our 40th birthday (you could make it a family party and bring your kids, they might be old enough by then!). Of course the only way this is likely to happen is if we actively go looking for the new talent and sounds, hence the birth of “New Beginnings”. If you think you have what it takes as a DJ/MC or producer please get in touch with us as we’d love to hear what you have to offer.
Either bring your demo’s to an event and hand it in at the box office or contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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With the cost of travel continuing to rise we thought it would make sense for anyone with spare seats in cars to think about car sharing.
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