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Uprising 20th Birthday

Uprising proudly presents its 20th Birthday party, celebrating 20 years of innovation and damn good parties!

We seen massive changes since our start back in 1995 - from the early splitting of the rave scene into jungle/hardcore/techno/etc, with us following hardcore through its highs and lows, through 2 era’s of management, to the present day and the more commercialised scene. Despite the ups and downs, the changes forced on us, and the ones we’ve made, one thing has stayed the same - our followers. Wether we’ve gotten things right or wrong, we have always had a loyal and passionate crowd - for which we are genuinely grateful.

So to the present day as we embark on the next era in our story, with the rejoining of the original and current management team, coming together to help push Uprising back to the forefront of hard dance music; mixing the edgy, underground, yet party vibe with the quality of production you’ve enjoyed in recent years. Our birthday parties are always a celebration of what’s gone before and this event will be no exception - other than we will be reflecting on our innovation over the years. We hope that this event will mark the start of the next era, by carefully choosing a diverse mix of quality DJs - all of whom who have made a mark on the scene over the years. We think that we really have chosen a superb line-up - staying true to our roots with the diversity, yet also keeping the party vibe you’ve come to expect from Uprising. Thanks for the last 20 years - here's to the next lot!

If you hadn’t noticed yet there’s a bit of a drive to keep our scene alive with fresh music and new talent, the key ingredients to having a scene around long enough for us all to celebrate our 40th birthday (you could make it a family party and bring your kids, they might be old enough by then!). Of course the only way this is likely to happen is if we actively go looking for the new talent and sounds, hence the birth of “New Beginnings”. If you think you have what it takes as a DJ/MC or producer please get in touch with us as we’d love to hear what you have to offer.
Either bring your demo’s to an event and hand it in at the box office or contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Uprising moves to CODE

★☆ The Club ☆★

Ask anyone there favourite club that Uprising has been at and you start a fierce debate! For many its the Adelphi, for the real old timers (like Paul-O) its Revolution, several loved the dingy underground feel of The Arches. In recent times, we’ve had more and more saying that they miss the underground feel of old (and we do too), but finding such a venue can be a challenge - many can be real dumps! We genuinely think we’ve found the perfect venue in the shape of Code; its literally around the corner from plug (easy to find), it has a genuine underground, warehouse rave feel, yet its bang up to date with sound, lighting, and all of the facilities of a “proper” club. We think we’ve found the perfect home as we enter the next era of our story - we hope you do too!


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