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Car Sharing

With the cost of travel continuing to rise we thought it would make sense for anyone with spare seats in cars to think about car sharing.

It's easy to do, helps keeps travel costs down and is good for the environment. For anyone who has spare places and wants to fill them or
anyone who needs a lift and wants to hook up with someone with spare places we recommend you take a look at Ride Share is a carpooling / lift sharing platform for searching for, and offering lifts in the UK and Europe.

Organising your own coach or mini bus

If you're running or want to run a coach or mini bus to any of our events we have cash incentives available for parties of 10 or more. All parties of 8 or more automaticaly qualify for priority entry. To qualify for these benefits you must book your coach in with us by 6pm two days before the event.

To book in your coach
Call the Uprising info line, (0845 680 1291) (option 1 then option 3) give us your name, contact details and the number of people on your coach and we'll add your coach party to the priority entry list. The more people you bring with you, the more you earn. Alternativley you can email all the details to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We will reply to you to confirm we have received your email.

When your coach arrives
It's important that you follow these instructions when you arrive otherwise it can create delays in getting your group into the partty.
When your coach arrives you need to make sure everyone stays on the coach while you book your party in. Anyone who gets off the coach before your party has been booked in is likely to be sent into the main queue and not the priority entry queue.

Collect everybodies entry money and then go to the main doors of the venue and let the staff on the door know you are booking in a coach party. A member of the Uprising team will come to meet you, check you have the correct entry money for everyone and then give you wristbands for your party. All you have to do then is go back to your coach, hand out the wristbands and point your party in the direction of the priority entry queue.


To make organisers lives a little easier we have an easy to use info sheet that can be downloaded and printed off. The sheet has all the info you will need and has space to write down everyone's details ( name, address, contact details etc ) and space to keep track of who has paid and how much your total ticket money should be. You will save yourself and your party some time and effort if you print this sheet off and complete it fully before you arrive.

View or print the sheet here
View or print the sheet in PDF format here

I.D. and you

As with any reputable venue, all our venues operate a no ID no Entry policy. If you're lucky enough to look under 21 you are likely to be asked for I. D. to prove you are 18 so please don't be offended if you are asked for it. We appreciate that there will always be the odd occasion where someone is refused entry because they have no suitable ID with them, this is unfortunate, however, we're sure that the majority of those who enjoy our events (and bring ID) would rather have the event continue than for us to risk a prosecution for knowingly allowing anyone under age in simply because they "forgot" their ID.

We pride ourselves at Uprising for our staff and management having a good relationship with all our supporters. However, although we want you all to come in and have a good time at Uprising, we are not able to vouch for anybody who is asked for ID and doesn't have any, even if we know you and you've been coming to Uprising for years so please make sure you have suitable I. D. This isn't personal, at the end of the day it's the venue owners names above the door and it's their license on the line if we have a problem with under age attendees. We respect their right to refuse entry and as such we expect you to respect that right also and to recognise it is something we cannot interfere with.

Many people are now using their passports for ID. Using passports for ID is fine, however we have also seen an increase in the number of people who have tried to use someone else's passport. In the past they may simply have been refused entry to the venue. This is no longer the case, these days anyone found trying to use someone else's passport (or other I.D.) will not only be refused entry but will have the I.D. confiscated. Anyone who is thinking of using someone else's I.D. should think carefully about doing so, several people have been arrested in the UK under the Identity Card Act 2006 for using a passport or I.D. that wasn't their own. Please don't use other peoples I.D. you not only risk having it confiscated and having to pay for them to get a new one but possible arrest and a criminal record.

Passports are not the only option for I. D. provisional or full UK driving licenses or nationally recognised proof of age cards are just as good. In fact, even if you don't intend to ever drive, it's worth paying the small cost to get a provisional license than to risk losing your passport during the night.

If you have any questions about ID and conditions of entry please feel free to contact us, details are on the contact us page or contact the venue directly.

For more information on ID in general take a look at the PASS web site

Safe Partying

Every member of the Uprising team, the security staff and the venue staff works hard to ensure that every one of our supporters has an enjoyable time in a friendly, safe and secure environment. However, we've all been in the scene for many years and we are all aware that from time to time problems do occur. So should you, any one with you, or even someone not with you have a problem or feel unwell we want you to tell us as soon as possible. The sooner we know, the sooner we can do something to help. Nobody is ever more than a few meters away from a member of one of the three teams of staff in the venue so you can always find help quickly should it be needed.

Security staff can be found at the doors to the smoking area and the main enterance as well as inside the venue at either side of the main stage and at most emergency exits. There are additional security staff and stewards walking around the venue at regular intervals. Most door staff wear Hi Vis tops clearly showing who they are.

Members of the Uprising Team can be found at the main doors and the box office, the merchandise stall and the lighting\sound control area and can usually to be seen walking around the venue during the night as well. Most of the Uprising team wear Staff Shirts (Black with day-glow orange print) showing they are Uprising Staff.

In addition to the three in house teams, Uprising also employs the services of trained medics, they can usually be found around the venue in the familiar green uniforms. If you need the services of a medic and can't see one close by, all you need to do is get hold of any of the other teams in the venue and they will contact the medics for you.

Uprising and our venue operators have a Zero tolerance to violence, intimidation or any anti social behavior. Anyone found doing anything that falls into the above will be escorted from the venue, there are no exceptions. Although you're never far from a member of the door team or the Uprising and venue teams, we can't be everywhere and may miss what happens. In the unlikely event that you witness an incident (or are involved in one) we'd like you to make sure we are informed about it so we can take whatever action is needed. Never take things into your own hands, leave it to the door staff, that's what they are there for.

Please remember to know your limits and stick to them, we all know how easy it is to go beyond our limits when we're having a good time. If you, any one with you, or even someone not with you become or feel unwell we'd like you to let us know. It doesn't matter who you tell, anyone in any of the three teams or the medics will do. The sooner we know there is a problem, the sooner we can do something to help. No one will be judged on what has caused them to be unwell. Any details we need to collect and anything we do to help remain confidential.